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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm a new customer, and I'd like to place order. How can I do this?
A: Welcome New Customer! You can place an order with us through this website or through phone or fax.

Following are the steps for our (new/former) customers to placing an order with us:

~ By Website - Assuming you have already created an account on our website, all you will need to do is click on "Order Items", browse through our selection of products (there will be preview pictures of the types of products in that specific category (Everyday, Fall, Winter, 2014 Fall & Winter, 2015 New Items [Available January 2015, but you may preorder with Ship Date mm/dd/2015], Specials & Promotions), 

~ By Phone - You can call us at our Toll Free #: 1-800-966-2828 or our Local #: 1-757-855-0800. Our representatives will be glad to help you place your order directly, as well as inform you of which of your items are unavailable for the year, if necessary.

~ By Fax - If you prefer handwriting or printing your order and faxing it, you can download our Purchase Order form from our website under the "Catalog" link and fax it to 1-757-855-6227. Please provide all necessary information when filling out our Purchase Order form, including your fax # in order for us to confirm receipt of the order.

Q: I just received a shipment from an order I placed last week. I've received only partial of the order, where are the rest of the items I ordered?
A: On the invoice attached to your shipment, the remaining quantity of the items you have yet to receive are under "B/O"  (back-order). The reason being that you have not received these items yet is due to the item being sold out at the time of shipment, and/or the items will be arriving at a later date from our manufacturers. However, as soon as we receive those items, we will ship the back-order items

Q: What is a back-order?
A: A back-order is the remaining items that have not been shipped out to you due to low inventory stock, or the items are sold out for the year. You will continue to receive shipments from a single or multiple orders placed with us if and when there are back-order items available.

Q: How do I apply for Net Terms with Wing Tai Trading Co., Inc.?
A: To receive Net Terms, you must place an order of $1,500.00 minimum, before shipping. Orders less than the minimum requirement will be subject to Prepaid terms until an order reaching the minimum requirement is met. If you are a New Customer, you will need to provide Credit Card for payment, or send a check for the first order as soon as it is ready to be processed. We cannot approve of Net Terms before the first order has not been shipped. You must also provide a Credit Reference Sheet documenting your business's professional information, as well as a Banking reference and at least three, or more, other Wholesale Vendors you are on good credit with. We do not supply any type of applications in order for you to provide this information. Once we've received your Credit Reference Sheet, the Accounting department will then contact your references for credit inquiry. Approval depends on the references response. Often, response times vary from the same day to months. Once approved, you will automatically be set to Net 30 Days with no notice. Until you are approved, your account will continue to be Prepaid.

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